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 Why my focus on copywriting for the Financial Services and blockchain industry?

 Because I wish I had me when I was in your shoes. An experienced writer, who’s spent a career immersed in financial services, and understands my business and clients.

 I get your problem.

As business owner, your time is invested in fee generating work.

As in-house marketing, your to do list is beyond your capacity. 

Yet you cannot ignore  marketing. Referrals are often insufficient, and it’s likely your competitors are wooing your clients and poaching your income.

I know the pain of losing clients to inferior competiton or second rate products, just because they have better marketing copy. 

My goal is to help you rise above the competition. To make yours the go-to company.

 Your products and services can be positioned as the natural choice, with copy that’s fun to read, tells clients what they want to know,  and in a way that  doesn’t sound like a sales pitch. 

People want to buy. They don’t like the hard sell.

The problem you have, is writing copy for companies like yours is complex, and not everyone can do it successfully.

Generalist copywriters don’t have the background and understanding of what you do.

This is specialist territory and requires the services of a specialist. Insider turned copy writer, I may just be your winning edge. 

Click on over to My Story  to find out more, and see if we’re a fit. 

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You’ll want to know I’m qualified of course.

Apart from direct response copywriting training, I’ve been writing my entire career. Lawyers are trained to write. You know; research, opinions, legal briefs, that kind of thing. But don’t worry; I’m not a lawyer anymore. 

Investment banking was all about pitch books, technical reports, case studies and client presentations. All in, my copy helped coin some $500 million in transactions.

On the lighter side, I’m a contributing author to a published book of creative short stories, “Once Upon a Life”. 

I can go formal to casual, and all the way in-between. What style works for your clients?

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