supporting sales with content marketing

Content marketing assists in generating leads and provides collateral sales material supporting the sales process throughout a client's lifecycle.

Extremely versatile, content can be used as conference material, post client meetings and for a myriad of other uses. It helps drive new business, distinguishes you from the competition,  and plays a role in client retention and with up sells and cross sells of other products or services.

content marketing metrics

Metric B2B B2C
Used as part of business development 89% 86%
Plan to use on an ongoing basis 73% 76%
Expect to produce more content this year 70% 73%
Top business goals for content usage
Brand awareness 79% 74%
Lead generation 80% 66%
Sales 62% 53%

How I can help generate more leads and sales


Articles and advertorials Content Marketing

Articles and Advertorials

Create immediate interest around a new product and service or discuss the burning issue of the day. Content in the context of an article or advertorial, create heightened believability, resulting in more leads and sales, and often faster sales results.  These also receive higher readership than many other forms of marketing communication.

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Newsletters Content Marketing

Newsletters and Reports

Stay front of mind with prospects and customers and sell without selling on a consistent basis.   Performance reporting keeps you in touch and in compliance and newsletters can be adapted for  industry publications, posted to your website or other social media platforms, for extra mileage.

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Case Study Content Marketing

Case Studies

Case studies are effective lead generation and sales conversion  tools, particularly when  selling complex products and services. Share your business success story of how your business helped others and the impact you potentially may have on theirs. And told in the right way, they needn’t be dry and boring to read!


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White Paper Content Marketing

White Papers

White papers are extremely influential in helping prospects make buying decisions. They provide  valuable information and in return, prospects will give you their loyalty, and ultimately their business. They enhance credibility, and with a long shelf life, are a valuable business investment.

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