The quick story, because you’re busy:

  • My first copy writing success came early- (Think silkworm tycoon; true story)
  • I trained to research, find the angle and write to win - You guessed it. Batchelor of Law (LL.B) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A) with some Neuro Linguistic Programming along the way (delving into how we humans think)
  • The corporate world is my passion –I’ve spent 20+ years absorbed in investment banking, asset management, insurance and law.
  • I understand your business and clients – After all, I’ve been there myself. It also means  I don’t need lots of handholding and a long learning curve.
  • Writing for the financial sector is my thing – Writing to promote new products and old, online and offline. Articles, case studies, email campaigns, key web pages and more.
  • North America is home– near the Toronto Bay Street financial district of course. 

To build a partnership and long term relationship, we should get to know each other a little better… allow me to introduce myself:

I’m Gary, 

Ex investment banker. Ex lawyer and a few other corporate roles inbetween. Now I create financial copy for companies like yours.

Why me?

  • Because you have a successful business but don’t have the resources to keep attracting the right clients to keep your client pipeline full
  • Because you need copy to convert client leads into revenue
  • Because you need someone knowledgeable about industry products and services with regulatory awareness

That’s precisely what I offer.

 I love how words can persuade clients to take action. Combine that with my industry knowledge, and the science of copywriting, and let’s see what we can do for your business.

I want to learn more about your services... 


Some additional snippets …

  • My love for writing started when I was 8. An excess of silkworms inspired me to write an advertisement offering 10 hatchlings for 10 cents a box to my classmates. Within days my stock ran out, and with it my short-lived dream to corner the international silkworm market. However, the lessons of business and good copy remained.
  • My corporate career began in  professional indemnity insurance, assessing negligence claims made against lawyers, engineers, accountants and vetrinary surgeons. When professionals mess up, it gets ugly fast. Sifting fact from fiction has stood me in good stead.
  • Then I worked for a legal veteran, who represented Nelson Mandela. I practiced as a commercial lawyer and learned to draft legal documents and interpret scratchy handwriting. I also learned that arguing with magistrates is not a great idea.
  • Asset management followed where I structured the first offshore multi manager fund of funds for an investment bank, and helped design the marketing and technical sales collateral. Involving marketing early on made a significant difference to assets under management.
  • I’ve spent 15 plus years, working for leading investment banks, financing resource companies, and established an oil and gas lending business out of London. I’m at home with the investment banking product suite from project finance to corporate lending and debt to equity finance. I know what it takes to grow businesses, others and mine.
  • My fascination for travel has caused some near misses. An attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea and a near plane crash over Angola. But I can tell you where to party in Luanda and where not to eat chicken in Lubumbashi.
  • I’ve navigated big corporates and small, led teams and worked alone. I know how to get the job done when there are lots of opinions to please.
  • In-between copywriting, I volunteer for the Canadian Red Cross. I no longer showjump competitively and now enjoy skiing and exploring biking trails with my gorgeous wife.

Over to you. What’s your business story?


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