I know what it’s like to wait on service providers to deliver the goods. Wondering if they will deliver what you need and on time. I also know that for your work to run smoothly, it usually depends on getting what you need by a deadline.

 This is why I follow an agreed process to ensure you get what you need, on time and I keep you up to date on milestone progress.

  Here’s how I go about working with you from first contact to final product. 



1. First Contact

 You made contact via my web form, email or a referral.

I'll get back to you promptly, and if it seems I can help, we schedule a quick preliminary call. I learn more about your business, what you need, timeline and budget, and  answer any questions you may have.  


First meeting Coin My Copy

2. Discovery Meeting/Call

This is where we will get into the detail and include any of your other team members who need to be involved.

This ensures everyone’s requirements and expectations are aligned and we don’t head off down the proverbial rabbit hole. For my own use, I may record the conversation, with your consent.



3. Proposal

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With a clear idea of what you need and the project scope, I will provide you with my proposal. It’s straightforward, easy to read and covers the essentials.

It includes my deliverables, any additional information I may need from you (e.g. customer research, interviews, brand guidelines and so on) timelines and the project quote.  


Copywriting quote Coin My Copy

4. Quote

So you know, I charge per project, not hour. You get a fixed price and certainty and avoid any nasty surprises. This way our interests are alligned. I provide quality work in the time it takes, and have no incentive to take shortcuts to save time.

Also, the price I quote is comprehensive. It includes:

  • consultations/meetings by phone or via Skype
  • research, interviews and reading
  •  in scope copywriting
  • two rounds of revisions

Once you are happy with the quote, I ask that you sign and return it (electronic works perfectly).  I require a 50% deposit to schedule your project, and reserve your start date. 



 5. Research


Before typing a single letter, I review everything from our discovery meeting. Examine any reference material you provide, conduct interviews, analyze customer reviews, and research what your main competitors are up to.

If I need more information at this point, I'll let you know. Based on my research, I’ll send you an outline for review and sign off, depending on the type of project.

This ensures we are heading in the right direction before completing a full blown draft.




6. First Draft

Copywriting first draft Coin My Copy

Using the agreed outline, I’ll finalize the first draft for your review including copywriter mockup’s, as appropriate, to assist in the design phase.




7.  Revisions

Two rounds of revisions are included as part of the project scope provided they are made within the agreed timeframe and remain in scope.

Copywriting revisions Coin My Copy


8. Delivery!

I send through my final draft with any design suggestions. The final 50% of the fee is now payable. Everyone is happy and I’ll ask for a recommendation if you are comfortable providing one.



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