Custom features walkthrough


How to use the Testimonials block


How to update the information IN the Metrics Table

The code below this section is the same one you have inside your table.

Everything in dark grey indicates editable text. Anything between this markup: <!-- --> is simply an annotation meant to help you find your way around the table.


Inside the title of the table you have links represented as follows, where the actual link your visitors see only shows up as the bolded text marked below:

<a href="" target="_blank">B2B CONTENT</a>


To update the URL of that link, all you need to do is remove the old one and paste in the new one inside the quotes as shown bolded below:

<a href="" target="_blank">B2B CONTENT</a>


The data in the code is written by row, so each row contains 3 columns (C1, C2, C3) which represent the following data:

  • C1 - Metric measured
  • C2 - B2B percentage
  • C3 - B2C percentage


<table class="metricsTable">
  <caption>THE 2017 <a href="" target="_blank">B2B CONTENT</a> AND <a href="" target="_blank">B2C CONTENT</a> TREND REPORTS INDICATE THE FOLLOWING CONTENT STATS:</caption>
  <tr class="metricsRow"> <!--FIRST ROW - HEADINGS-->
    <th>Metric</th> <!--C1-->
    <th>B2B</th> <!--C2-->
    <th>B2C</th> <!--C3-->
  <tr class="metricsRow"> <!--SECOND ROW-->
    <td>Used as part of business development</td> <!--C1-->
    <td>89%</td> <!--C2-->
    <td>86%</td> <!--C3-->
  <tr class="metricsRow"> <!--THIRD ROW-->
    <td>Plan to use on an ongoing basis</td> <!--C1-->
    <td>73%</td> <!--C2-->
    <td>76%</td> <!--C3-->
  <tr class="metricsRow"> <!--FOURTH ROW-->
    <td>Expect to produce more content this year</td> <!--C1-->
    <td>70%</td> <!--C2-->
    <td>73%</td> <!--C3-->
  <tr class="metricsRow newLine"> <!--FIFTH ROW-->
    <th>Top business goals for content usage</th> <!--C1-->
    <th></th> <!--C2 EMPTY-->
    <th></th> <!--C3 EMPTY-->
  <tr class="metricsRow"> <!--SIXTH ROW-->
    <td>Brand awareness</td> <!--C1-->
    <td>79%</td> <!--C2-->
    <td>74%</td> <!--C3-->
  <tr class="metricsRow"> <!--SEVENTH ROW-->
    <td>Lead generation</td> <!--C1-->
    <td>80%</td> <!--C2-->
    <td>66%</td> <!--C3-->
  <tr class="metricsRow"> <!--EIGHTH ROW-->
    <td>Sales</td> <!--C1-->
    <td>62%</td> <!--C2-->
    <td>53%</td> <!--C3-->