generating sales with Sales copywriting


Conversion Copywriting turning Leads Into Revenue

Convert Client Leads to Revenue

You're not seeing the expected conversion to paying clients from your marketing spend. You have healthy web traffic, however sign ups to your free subscription service and downloads of your online content could be better. Something is going wrong between “warm lead” and converting into paid business.  


  • Website copy for key website pages (e.g. home and about pages, promotion pages, etc.) 

  • Email sales page copy (campaigns promoting products, services, and special offers, content downloads, webinars and trainings)

  • Landing pages (encouraging sign up to products and services, content downloads to build your email marketing list)

  • Automated email responder copy (follow ups, answering questions, lead nurturing)


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Sales Copywriting for Client Retention

Client Retention

Winning business is tough. Losing customers through attrition or to your competitors for reasons you can prevent, is good business and a valuable investment.

How I can help 

  • Automated email responder copy (welcome and follow up post first engagement, answer questions, etc.)
  • Emails to update clients on services and product enhancements/changes
  •  Landing page copy promoting content (engagement copy - newsletters, articles, white papers and case studies)
  • Email copy promoting special offers, conferences, webinars and trainings


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Sales Copywriting for Up Selling and Cross Selling

Upsell and Cross Sell

Your clients are giving you some of their business but you know that you could be getting a greater share of their wallet through upselling and cross selling other products/services.

Tiers of up sell and cross sell opportunities keep your clients in-house. More revenue for you and less opportunity for them to taste the oppositions offerings!

Alliances structured with complementary service providers may present other opportunities to achieve similar aims.


  • Email campaigns upselling/cross-selling other services and products

  • Content combined with web copy promoting other services and products
  • Landing pages offering up sells /cross sells


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